President's Message
Kwadder Al-Watan Group is a leading business group, engaged in diversified business in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since, 1992. By providing innovative and unique solutions to its clients challenge such as maintenance of on shore/off shore facilities, oil & gas, petrochemical, metallurgical industries, pipelines, utilities, electro mechanical and telecommunication facilities and systems, water projects, environmental protection project, health care facilities, industrial services, sanitary and waste management, consultancy, technical support, hospitality management, sports & recreation, designing, construction, landscaping and catering, KWADDER have earned strong reputation across the Kingdom.

Kwadder Al-Watan Group is the exclusive representative of several major international industrial equipment manufacturers and service organizations, in which facilitates the supply and service of turnkey plants in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects, mining and quarrying projects, waste and water treatment plants and has evolved out of the success with tremendous experience in trading of certified equipment and instruments, fitting, installation and post installation services.

Kwadder Al-Watan Group has set up a wide distribution network, which is interlocked with feasibility study, market research, survey, customer relation, merchandising, sales and service.

To ensure its rigorous schedule, cost and quality standards, KWADDER performs much of the trade work, including concrete, carpentry, equipment installation, boiler work, steel erection and demolition.

Kwadder Al-Watan Group maintains intensive employee training, team-building partnering relationships with key clients, sophisticated projects management information systems and stringent safety program.

Salman Al-Shetwi
General Manager